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Our specialization in types of filaments: ABS, PLA. Others are also available upon request


We price by height and type of materials, here is a quick reference:

100 micron, single color:

Height: Within 5cm $50 - $150

Height: 5cm to 10cm $200 - $350

3d scanning

Using a 3D scanner we are able to convert you into a 3D image file within minutes. Please contact us to know how.

3d printing

Need help digitizing your idea?  You have a ready to print .STL file? Or just has a sketch on a scrap paper?Superlink has a solution to fit your needs. Visit our studio and we can help turn your idea into a ready to print design.

Ready to print? Send us your .STL files and have it in your hand quick! 


Upload Artwork & Master Files

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We provide you full turnkey marketing tools to promote your business or start up organization.  Order your print stationary online can give you quick and fast delivery with a full color poster printing, brochure , business card, flyers, booklet printing, and banner printing services. 

BEST OF ALL, we give you industry based free designer to customize your own piece!

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have a concept

Have something in mind you want to create? Come and chat with us to get it on paper and eventually get a prototype of your own design!

custom project

Full-service design and modification or creation of an image file is billed at an hourly rate. New projects require a 1 hour minimum.